Signs of Hope-October 8, 2020

10.07.20 | by MaryPat Potts

    The Autumn Face of God 
    a photo reflection by MaryPat Potts
    The Autumn Face of God has a magical quality.
    It is awe-inspiring how God’s Spirit makes me feel so alive
    despite the trees shedding leaves, shriveled and dried -   
    leaves now decaying into the earth.
    To pull me out of my mourning for the loss of summer’s warm glow,
    or dread of winter’s cold, stark, lonely imprisonment to come,
    God offers us a playful swirl of brightly painted leaves
    – familiar, comfortable, life-giving Greens;
    Sunny, brilliant, cheery Yellows;  
    Bold and bright Oranges and Reds that POP, so powerful and strong.

     When I think about the feelings and memories from my life
    reflected in this colorful Autumn Face of God,
    I try to identify what the comfortable life-giving moments of my life might be;
    what blessings and joys might make me shine from within with gratitude;
    what makes me feel powerful, strong, bold and brilliant – courageous in the face of what life puts in my path.
    I rejoice in God’s Autumn Face – it makes my spirit light,
    free to fly on the swirling breezes with the leaves,
    and to reflect through my life the many colors
    with which God paints the Autumn world around me. 
    And all is well with my soul.

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