Small Group Ministry

The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Jesus started the Church, forming the first small group: the 12 Apostles. Throughout the centuries, Christians grew in faith in community with each other. Countless saints were friends with other saints. We are meant to know and love God in relationship with others. It’s well known that today we are simultaneously the most connected yet most isolated people. Small groups are a space to know and be known – and through this, come deeper into relationship with Jesus. We hope you’ll join us!


What is a “Small Group?”

A group of 6-10 people who come together weekly for an hour and a half to encounter Christ together. We do this by praise, prayer, learning, sharing God’s work in our lives, and interceding for each other.

Why Small Groups at GA?

Our faith journey is individual but not isolated. We are not meant to walk alone. Small groups are an intentional space to do two things.

  1. Become aware of God’s presence in your life. Every meeting will allow participants to share about their lives and where God has been present in their lives each week. Some weeks we share our great joys and rejoice with each other. Other weeks, we share our sorrow and build each other up in them. Throughout all, there is intentional space to acknowledge the Lord’s presence.

  2. Grow in knowledge of the faith. Small groups will cover a variety of topics and series to help us deepen our understanding of the faith. There will always be space for discussion. This Lent, small groups will cover an Introduction to Prayer, the Gospel of Mark, or the Stations of the Cross. All three will focus on deepening our prayer life in the Lent.

How long will small groups last?

While they will begin in Lent, the goal is to continue afterwards. Hopefully, your small group will be so fruitful in your life that you and the group will want to continue afterward. The purpose is for us to form communities within our community at Guardian Angels. As the end of Lent approaches, small groups will talk about whether they would like to continue moving forward. Ultimately, our vision, shared by the Archbishop, is that every Catholic will be in a small group.

What will be covered?

The topics will vary depending on the group. To start, groups will cover either an Introduction to Prayer, the Gospel of Mark, or Stations of the Cross. Afterward, groups & leaders will decide which topics to cover next.

How will groups be chosen?

Our Synod Team will do our best to place everyone in the right group. Primarily, we’ll be looking at times you can meet and place you in a time that works for you. If multiple times work, we’ll look at other preferences – topic, type of small group (state of life), etc. If you have a strong preference, please let us know when registering.

Didn’t I hear something about small groups last fall?

Last fall many fellow parishioners took part in a Small Group Leader Formation Series. These groups starting this Lent are the fruits of this time, prayer, and preparation.

Sounds awesome. Where do I sign up?


Feel free to email Lukas Steffensmeier

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