Hope for the Journey Home


From January - March we welcomed 10 families into HJH, which is slightly higher than is typical.  However, out of those 10 families, we are happy to say that the average stay was only 16 days.  This is significantly shorter than more recent numbers, so it is our hope this is the beginning of a positive trend.

Stephanie Quayle Grand Ole Opry

Congratulations to Stephanie Quayle, who performed at a fundraising concert for us last year, on making her Grand Ol' Opry debut in April!

Please click HERE to view our needs for the week of April 15 - 21 (Dinners: Fri [1] & Sat [2])

Please click HERE to view our needs for the week of April 22 - 28 (Afternoons: Tues [1]. Dinners: Mon [1] & Tues [1])


We are currently in need of Full size bedding (fitted & flat sheets and comforters) 

Take a Moment to Think About It

If you were facing significant financial hardship, wouldn't you do everything you could to keep a roof over your (and your children's) heads? Would you run up all of your credit cards in a desperate attempt to stay off of the streets? Would you sell all of the non-essentials in an effort stay in your home? Would you skip meals?

Now imagine the stress all of this places on you and your family. Would your health deteriorate? Would you begin missing days at work in order to handle legal problems arising from financial crisis? Would you become depressed and anxious? Would it affect family relationships?

What would this do to your self-esteem? Your sense of worth?
Imagine, now, the difficulty, after all of this, of re-establishing "yourself." Your credit may be shot, your health is possibly poor, your relationships are strained or broken.

While not everyone responds to crisis in the same way, it is important that we really stop and "Think About It." Put yourself in the shoes of those served at Hope for the Journey Home. Close your eyes and imagine yourself facing this sort of situation. How would you respond? Who could you turn to for help?

These are our friends and neighbors. They are children who attend school with our children. They are real people, with real names and faces. They are NOT strangers.


A short video on who we are and what we do at the shelter is available HERE.

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