Interactive Cemetery Gravesite Map

This link is for an extensive map of our cemetery and includes date of birth/death, age, gender, funeral home (if recorded) of the deceased. [Data is updated quarterly].

Facts about our Guardian Angels Cemetery
  • First burial according to verified records we have found was in 1871.
  • Currently we have 2,149 recorded burials and capacity for over 1,800 more burials.
  • We average 60 burials a year.
  • The Garden of Angels has total capacity of 364 gravesites of which now 86 remain. We provide free burials to non-denominational families for miscarriages, stillborn and babies under the age of 3 months. This mission first started with HealthEast and the local Bradshaw mortuaries. The mission has grown to include Saint Paul east side mortuaries.
  • Columbarium installed in September 2019 includes 36 single niches and 40 double niches.
  • Prayer Garden currently has over 500 engraved pavers installed with ample capacity for more.

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