Signs of Hope-May 28, 2020

05.28.20 | by MaryPat Potts

    Springtime Hope

    Look how the spring clothes the earth in this sacred spot

    with glorious splashes of brilliant life, leaving the darkness behind,

    and shattering its cold power with the warmth of lavender love!


    The trunks of these life-hardened trees

    create a hauntingly beautiful obstacle course of ever-present darkness

    through the sweetness of soft violet hues.


    So, too, in life there will always be

    the web of darker memories and challenges,

    through which we must negotiate our way,

    but always softened by the wispy haze of hyacinth hope.


    Here is the gift of Promise; the Hope of Potential;

    the Power of Determination to be one’s Best;

    and the Blessing of the Spirit’s Strength and Optimism!

    All these are working together as I re-create my life, once again ~

    Co-creating with God something wonderful and worthy ~

    Self-giving and Self-Strengthening.


    The Beauty is that in Life as in this springtime tableau

    the sacred, life-giving, colorful power that is God

    Blends with the darker, more ominous challenge of the trees

    to create a NEW  and more marvelous Beauty!


    Thank God for the Life-Giving, Re-creating power of Springtime!

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