Signs of Hope-May 27, 2020


    Like many of you, we have been watching many movies! I recently watched "Evan Almighty" with Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell. To refresh your memory, or if you never saw it, "Evan Almighty" is about a modern day Noah. Morgan Freeman plays God. There's a scene in the movie that caught my attention. I thought it would be impossible to find the lines in the scene. Little did I know this movie has well-known script lines; they appear to be very popular! Yep! A sign if there ever was one!

    "God" is talking with Evan's (Noah) wife:

    During this pandemic, we have opportunities to be more patient, more courageous, and to love each other more. We cannot rewind back to December, or fast forward to the end of this pandemic. Nevertheless, we are in the midst of endless opportunities! The way we embrace them, one way or another, will be the way we have an end to this pandemic. Let us remember to remain patient, and stay careful. Let us be courageous, and kind. Let us love and have hope and faith in one another. Let us make the right  decisions that will support staying healthy, well, and safe.

    It's easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone. ~Mahatma Gandhi

    Pray big. Pray with hopeful expectations!

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