Signs of Hope-May 12, 2020

05.11.20 | by Suzanne Bernet

    In Times Like These

    One of my favorite songwriters is Sara Thomsen. Her voice both comforts and challenges . . . that makes her right up my alley right now. Why is that? First, all of us need a bit of comfort these days – that’s a given. Sara’s voice never fails to offer a safe place to land. Second, this particular song challenges me to remember that songs and dreams and love are all necessary if we are to make the world a better place. That challenge looms pretty large in times like these. For example, some would want the stress fractures we see in our world to be glazed over with some quick plaster in an attempt to “get back to normal.” That seems to me to be like the poorly repaired pothole that just returns later in the season, usually a bit bigger than before. Far better to figure out the cause (as sticky as that might be) and create a true fix.      

    As Sara so wisely says in this tune, “If changes are to come, there are things that must be done. And a dream is somewhere to begin.”


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