Signs of Hope-March 26, 2020

03.26.20 | by MaryPat Potts

    Nature Connects Me

    How do I cope in these uncertain times?  How do I keep perspective and refresh my spirit? I tend to go where I can be in true communion with my God – where the Holy Spirit can cut through all the uncertainty and anxiety and worry. I go to nature – God’s amazing creation. Surprisingly it does not withhold its marvels from us, even in these darker times. “Nothing can separate us from the love of God…”  So a few days ago the Holy Spirit inspired me to write this, to share with folks in these hard times.

    Happy Spring! I was out social distancing in a 3,000 acre nature park when I was reminded to look for and open myself up to the innocent beauty and goodness around me, wherever it appears. Today it was in the cheerful sun playing tag with the puffy clouds in the crisp blue sky... the birds merrily singing... the rustle of the leaves and neck-high grass in the breeze... the laughter of the coyotes in the distance... the pleasantly eerie hoot of an owl ... the watery ice that sparkles when it catches the sunshine ... and the joyful honks of the geese and trumpeter swans. I am so grateful for this reminder - to pull me out of my brooding worry and uncertainty. You are ever-present, all I need to do is see, and hear and feel -and reach out to those around me. Loving God, open my eyes and ears and heart to all the ways you show yourself to me, and open my whole self to let your powerful love run through me and out to as many others as I can encounter.

    So, this little inspiration that came to me while I was hiking, also reminded me how much being creative changes my attitude and mindset. I share with you these reminders: 

    • Commune with nature, however you can, to see God’s never-ending goodness and love, and to be energized to pass it on. 
      • If you can’t get out into nature, and you have access to Netflix, there is a wonderfully calming visual and melodic “meditation” called “Moving Art.” I have found it to be absolutely wonderful for my soul.
    • Be Creative – in whatever way works for you – color, draw, paint, write, sing… for it is God’s creative Spirit that works through our creativity.

     Be Happy. Be Healthy. I am praying for you. 

    Please call me at 651-789-3178 if you want to talk. ~ MaryPat Potts


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