Signs of Hope-March 25, 2020


    We are called to pray.  Pope Francis has called all Christians to pray the "Our Father" at noon today, Wednesday March 25 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Please pray with us.

    It's difficult to have patience when we don't know what information or discoveries will  come next.  Let us stay hopeful, faithful, and prayerful! 

    PRAY quietly; pray out loud; pray alone and pray together; get inspired artistically and pray in color!  Prayer is our calm.  Prayer is our patience.  If you write; then write your prayer intentions and thoughts in a poem, or a song.  If you draw; then draw or sketch your thoughts. Paint a prayer, even just doodle and embellish your prayer!

    Attached is a simple cross outline; or just start with a plain sheet of paper.  In the center write your prayer; or the name of someone you want to pray for; or something you have hope for. Maybe a scripture verse or psalm.

    Start to draw patterns, lines, shapes, or doodles around what you wrote; while praying and directing your words to God.  Add more thoughts or names; pause and say, "Amen" after each thought.  There is no incorrect way to do this; just like praying; it's however you wish to share your thoughts and intentions with God.

    Share your thoughts patiently in prayer...

    Who are you concerned about?  What are you grateful you learned about yourself during this time?  What will your "sign of hope" look like? 

    Use your prayer art for prayer inspiration, continue to add to it for a few days, or let it be finished with a final, "Amen."  Use your prayer creation for a bookmark or tape them all together to form one larger cross.   

    If you have children in your home work on a family prayer.  Combine your intentions and creative ideas into one large cross!

    Blessings of love, hope, and faith to you, and your loved ones!

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