Signs of Hope-June 30, 2020

06.30.20 | by Suzanne Bernet

    Stand in the Way

    Philosopher, author and activist Cornel West coined the phrase, “Justice is what love looks like in public,” and the phrase rings true. In the past month we have seen lots of people living that out – in the streets, in front of statehouses and, perhaps most heartbreakingly, in pilgrimage to the George Floyd memorial in front of Cup Foods in south Minneapolis. A group of teens I saw interviewed briefly last week as they participated in a protest march had it right, I think, when one of them said, “We are here to stand in the way of what is wrong and stand up for what is right.” So when a similar phrase popped up in a video I saw today, I thought it was worth sharing. Follow the link below to listen to a wonderful song written in celebration of the 85th anniversary of the North Carolina Council of Churches. Hope is found in every creative voice that is singing or speaking or crying out for justice and love.

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