Signs of Hope-June 16, 2020

06.16.20 | by Suzanne Bernet

    How Will You Rise Up?

    In my mind, the most profound hope of all coming out of the killing of George Floyd is the rising up – people all over the world are rising up. Saying, “Enough is enough!” Saying, “We must be better than this.” Saying, “As long as even one of us is oppressed, no one is free.” Seattle. London. Paris. New York City. Berlin. And on and on.

    This past weekend, our church celebrated the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. I was thinking about rising up and what it means. The next morning, I woke up to the following posting from the Ignatian Solidarity Network. (I believe that the Spirit works that way sometimes.) There, I heard a young voice, Maddie LaForge, speaking in a stunning way of the meaning of the Eucharist. Asking how we will rise up. With her permission, here are her words:

    We, though many, are one body
              Broken, bloodied.
    For we all partake in the one loaf
              Sometimes kindly and generously
              Other times blindly or selfishly
    We all partake in this one, broken Body of Christ


    On the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of
    Christ, the readings help us remember our
    collective, sacred story. 


    We remember that we are a holy people
              Called out of slavery
                   Led into the desert
                        Promised liberation


    We remember that we are a covenant people
              Nourished by bread
                   Sustained by Christ
                        Promised salvation


    When we eat this bread and drink this blood,
    We remember 


    The Body of Christ
              Bones broken; skin bloodied
                   Tortured, killed
                        Hanging on a tree


    When we take and eat,
    We partake


    In the Sacred Mystery
              And the cruel injustice
                   And the loved poured out


    We, though many
              Outraged and angered
              Hateful and hurtful
    Are one body
                        and bound by love.


    At times it has been a harsh and dreadful
    thing; our very faith in love has been tried
    through fire.
              Yet, we rise up. 


    When we come to the table,
    We participate
              in Christ’s fellowship.
    We renew our promise
              to God and one another.


    Eucharistic solidarity is not a vague feeling of
    compassion or shallow distress. It is an
    attitude and a praxis, a firm and persevering
    commitment to the common good.


    We are all really responsible for all, that is to
    say my liberation is tied up with yours. 


    Salvation through Christ calls us and leads us
    to participation,
    To a nourishing and sustaining presence,
              To thick solidarity.


    Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life. 


    How will you rise up and participate?

    I know that Maddie’s question must continue to be my own: How will I rise up and participate?

    How will you rise up and participate?

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