Signs of Hope-August 24, 2020

08.23.20 | by Paul Deziel

    On Hope

    We must not let hope abandon us... Optimism disappoints, but hope does not. —POPE FRANCIS

    Hope opens new horizons, making us capable of dreaming what is not even imaginable. —POPE FRANCIS

    To speak of hope to those who are desperate, it is essential to share their desperation. To dry the tears from the faces of those who are suffering, it is necessary to join our tears with theirs. —POPE FRANCIS

    Prayer leads us forward in hope. —POPE FRANCIS

    Let us never set conditions for God; let us instead allow hope to conquer our fears. —POPE FRANCIS

    No one learns to hope alone. —POPE FRANCIS

    Let us live in the joyful hope of reciprocating to our brothers and sisters, through what little we can, the abundance we receive from God each day. —POPE FRANCIS

    These excerpts are from On Hope by Pope Francis, published by Loyola Press. 

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