Signs of Hope-April 29, 2020


    It always seems impossible until it's done. ~ Nelson Mandela

    What chance of hope did this tree have?  How is this even possible?  This tree along the North Shore is actually growing over and on rock.  The entire area is basically solid rock!  Notice the small pine seedlings in the foreground; also on rock, and they are growing!

    Trees have their stories. I imagine this tree's story started off without much hope. It's seed fell on rock, covered with just enough soil and leaf mulch to take root. Somehow the seed developed into a seedling; then discovered it had nowhere to go, but across the rock and up. It's roots were able to fight through crevices to take a firm hold to whatever they could reach. The tree trunk grew tall and solid, the roots are firm. What seemed impossible was done.

    In March many things seemed impossible, and then they were done. 

    Some hope crushing, and so many more hope inspiring; the impossible is done every day!

    Let's stay safe.  Let's stay patient.  Always stay hopeful!

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