Signs of Hope-April 24, 2020


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    Some of you may know I hate the word “journey”. So often it is assigned as someone’s faith journey. For me, ‘faith journey’ has come up in times of deep despair – the time of losing my mom and stepmom to cancer. I feel the word journey has been co-opted to make bad things seem good. Who would wish to be on a cancer journey? Who would wish to be on a journey of deep sorrow? A journey is something we choose to be on, not have thrust on us.

    Pandemic, quarantine, distance learning, stay at home, isolation. All are words we are immersed in right now. Rather than looking at this time as my unfavorite journey, why about we look to this time as a time of sojourning. A sojourn is a temporary stay, temporary, not meant to last forever. It gives us a different opportunity.

    This weekend we will hear from the 2nd reading – I am on a 2nd reading roll lately, “Conduct yourselves with reverence during the time of your sojourning.”

    Let us challenge ourselves, even our extroverted selves, to be quiet and reflect who we are in service to others right now. May we remember those who are serving others right now at great personal risk. That is a love we should all strive to show. Even when it’s hard.

    I want to challenge you to do one more thing this weekend. Find a little miracle somewhere. Since the stay at home started I have tried to have fresh flowers in my house. Mostly it has been tulips, but not always. I have a bunch of orange tulips and I noticed this yesterday. It is the first time I have ever seen it. It is two tulip blooms on one stem. It’s pretty crazy. It’s pretty miraculous. And it is going to help me on this sojourn to remember to look for those things that are different and new and embrace them, and not push them away.

    Have a great weekend.

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