Signs of Hope- April 13, 2020

04.13.20 | by Paul Deziel

    Signs of Hope- Engaging Grief April 13, 2020

    Happy Easter Guardian Angels!  As we move into the Easter Season, many of us may want to be feel Easter joy yet we may more honestly be feeling other emotions such as sadness, anxiety, loneliness, or powerlessness. We have lost so much these past few weeks through social distancing that many of us may be experiencing grief.  We can’t rush to Easter joy unless we work through and experience our present feelings.  It might be helpful for us to re-examine Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stage of grief to better get in touch with ourselves.  Here is a link summarizing her five stages of grief and note that these are not linear, as we tend to bounce back and forth between various stages working through our grief.  We encourage you to call a friend, family member, or our parish office at 738-2223 if you need support or encouragement as we are all in this together.


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