Hurting to Healing - GA Responds

04.23.19 | GA Responds

    On September 29, October 1 and November 4, 2018, GA started with three Listening Sessions, where we, as a community, had the opportunity to Speak, Listen, Reflect, and Respond. The community met as a single large group. The community then split into smaller groups.

    The results of these sessions are presented in three different ways:

    Click here for a Summary of the Listening Sessions
    Click here for a Word Map of what was said and heard at the Listening Sessions
    Click here for the complete notes from the Listening Sessions.

    On March 19, 2019, the Healing Action Team held a Journey Towards Healing Prayer Service
    Links to materials used

    Prayers for those abused by the church, and those who have lost faith because of the cover-up, have been included in the prayers of the faithful at weekend masses

    The Healing Action Team continues to explore other ways for us to heal

    Please send your ideas here.

    Check here for future events.


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