Guide to a Faith-Filled Summer

05.16.18 | by Dianne Perry


    • At the beginning of the month, place an empty jar on your dresser. At the end of each day, toss the change from your pocket into the jar. At the end of the summer, put the change in your checking account and then write a check (or make a debit card payment) for this amount to a charity or mission organization of your choice.
    • Put prayer requests in your online calendar or cell phone calendar. Set the alarm to go off each day at a different time for each request. Say a quick prayer each time the alarm goes off. Use this prayer method throughout the summer.
    • Volunteer at Vacation Bible School, July 23-27 or during PUSHweek, our high school mission experience July 8-12.
    • Read one Psalm each day of the month. Highlight one verse in each psalm that's especially meaningful to you. After reading 30 psalms, go back and reread each verse you highlighted. Pick one verse to memorize.


    • Sit down close to the water on a sandy beach and read Matthew 7:24-27 several times. Then write verse 26 in the sand and try to memorize it before the waves wash it away. Keep writing the verse until you've memorized it. Ask yourself: What can I do to make sure I am building my life on solid rock?
    • While riding in the car, on your summer mission trip or during downtime at home, play 20 Questions—using characters taken from the Bible.
    • Read the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37. Ask yourself: How can I be a Good Samaritan to someone in need—and someone I wouldn't normally help? Before the month ends, do something to show God's love to this person.
    • With friends or your family, brainstorm a group volunteer project you could do together before school starts.


    • Commit to reading the Gospel of Mark this month. When you complete a chapter, ask yourself: What does this chapter show me about Jesus? What can I learn from this chapter? What have I read that I can apply?
    • Read these passages (one passage a day), looking for character qualities you'd like to develop in your own life: Proverbs 24, Psalm 1, Matthew 25:31-36 and Ephesians 5:1-7. Write down two or three practical steps you can take to work on a quality found in the passage you read.
    • Go outside with a candle, matches and your Bible. Read Matthew 5:14-16 three times. Light the candle. Watch as the flame bounces in the breeze. If there isn't a breeze, blow gently on the candle. Ask yourself: What should I be doing to let my light shine? How can I keep my flame from blowing out or wavering this coming school year?

    Don't try to do everything listed. Pick a few activities and readings from each month that will help stretch and grow your faith. If you finish your list, go back and do a few more.

    (taken from Christianity Today)

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