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Whatever, Loving God

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

Whatever, Loving God               

by MaryPat Potts


            The usual meaning - “Yeah, right” ~ dismissive, discounts, disbelief.

                        ~ Not very important to me right here and now.


Whatever, Creator God ~

            Could take me somewhere else ~ as anything that shows up for me in my life.

                        ~ What your infinite wisdom deems vital to allow.


Whatever, Teacher Jesus ~

            No matter what comes my way, you’ve taught me ways to deal.

                        ~ Whatever worked for you then, could work for me now.


Whatever, Healer Christ ~

            You felt it all ~ the entire rainbow of emotions I could ever feel.

                        ~ You truly understand and will get me through somehow.


Whatever, Life-Giving Holy Spirit ~

            I Trust that you will never tire of pushing, pulling, tugging, dragging or carrying me,

                        ~ Whatever it takes so that in defeat I ne’er will bow.


Whatever, Loving God ~ three spirits in one ~

            I am grateful that you are always with me ~ it’s such a relief.

                        ~ To know I have all I need, and am always right where I need to be, somehow.


(inspired by March 26 Reflection by Joseph F. Sica, in 23rd Publications’ “Embrace This Holy Season” reflection booklet)


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