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We see from where we stand.

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Thought for the Week

We see from where we stand. This is an old Haitian proverb that I heard once long ago and I find it to be quite true. Like all good proverbs, it carries truth not only in small, individual ways but also in larger, more systemic ways. On an individual level, think about the last time you had an argument with someone and you just couldn’t understand why the other person was thinking so differently. Likely, it was because you were both seeing the dispute from your own perspective. The only way out of that is to take a step back and try to see through the eyes of the other.
If it is indeed true that we see from where we stand, then the only way to change the view is to go stand somewhere else. It’s often in the standing somewhere else that we begin to see there is more to the story than we know. If you’re reading this, you are incredibly fortunate to be part of a parish community that offers many opportunities to do just that. If you want to see with new eyes what it’s like to have trouble putting food on the table, you can stand over at the Christian Cupboard food shelf. Want to see what being a refugee is like? Come and stand with the family in our Refugee Resettlement initiative. Need to know more about how hard it can be to find affordable housing? You can walk over to Hope for the Journey Home and stand with our families who are making a temporary home there.
This week, I invite you to take a stand. Somewhere other than where you usually plant your feet. The wider view you get will change you – and the world changes when people change. On June 2 and 3 you will have an opportunity to see the world from the perspective of our Nicaraguan delegation. I hope you’ll join us here at the parish that weekend to widen your view.

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