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VOTE. Catholic social teaching tells us that participation in the political process is an obligation. Some folks cry foul whenever voting is mentioned in the context of church. So what’s the difference between being political and being partisan? Reminders of what our faith calls us to when it comes to public policy is political. Applying our faith to a situation in our world is exactly what we ought to be doing. Endorsing a particular candidate for office is partisan. Doing that in a church violates our 501c3 status, for starters, but also violates our right to make our own choices. There are many times when I will include in this space a reminder of the teaching of our Church when it comes to a sticky public policy – immigration, hunger, life and dignity, for example. What I will never do is tell you who to vote for. If you’re an early voter, I hope you had your faith with you as you made your choices. If you’re voting on Tuesday, ensure that your choices speak to the faith you profess. Will this person work for peace? Feed the hungry? Tend to the sick? Care for those most in need? Welcome the lost? Show mercy to all? There may not be a perfect choice. Say a prayer that you can be led by the Spirit.


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