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Time - the most valuable gift

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Thought for the Week

It’s sometimes said that the most valuable thing we possess is time – it’s so precious! There’s often not enough of it; we wish we could manage it better; we never know how much of it we may have. During the holiday season, these things may be even more true! When it comes to Christmas giving, there may be nothing more valuable we could give than some of our time. This year, perhaps instead of buying something for someone, you might
consider instead someone who could use your time. The hospital across town? They might need a volunteer for the holidays. The nursing home down the street? So many of our aging neighbors go without visitors and would welcome your presence at the holidays and throughout the year. The food shelf in your neighborhood? They could definitely use some help. Or, how about closer to home – is there a family member you’ve struggled with? A parent who needs a visit? A friend that you’ve been on the outs with? A co-worker that needs a hand?

This week, I invite you to add to your Christmas giving list someone who could use a bit of your time and attention. It could be the best gift you give all year.


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