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The Wideness of God's Mercy

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

This week’s thought comes from Fr. Greg Boyle’s book, Barking to the Choir. You’ll get a chance to read it if you commit to the 8-week JustFaith group you heard about before all Masses last weekend. Fr. Greg is the founder of Homeboy Industries, a project that provides job-readiness and mentoring to former gang members in Los Angeles. “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy,” the old hymn proclaims. In order to experience mercy and love, we need to accept that there is room for us in it. God loves us whole and entire and, as a community, if we emulate that love then hunger, weaponry, inequality and every other evil will dissipate. This can only come when I know that I am accepted especially at my worst. There’s a homie named Eddie who explains it this way: “God is that person pushing the shopping cart in the street and going through your garbage. Sometimes you don’t want him to go through your garbage, but he tells us that he wants to. That’s how it is, I think. God holds our garbage and recycles it into love.”

This week, I invite you to consider what garbage you’ve got in your life that you just can’t believe God wants to see. Can you allow the recycling to begin?


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