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Pastoral Pearls: Unique Packages

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

I wish for a world that views disability, mental or physical, not as a hindrance but as unique attributes that can be seen as powerful assets if given the right opportunities. ~ Oliver Sacks

What an amazing God we have, who creates so many unique packages for the human person! With so many uniquely gifted people, with so many powerful gifts and talents to share, imagine our potential for good! Easter Seals uses an anonymous quote that says, “The worst thing about a Disability, is that people see IT before they see YOU.”

That’s not what Jesus taught us. Unconditional love – the kind that sees the person first – the gift, the intention, the faith, the potential – that is what Jesus taught. It is time I recognize and celebrate all abilities, no matter the outer packaging; that I look lovingly upon those who may look different than me, seeing only their beauty and potential, and work to empower them in their special giftedness. There is so much I can learn from differently-abled persons, when I just open that door.                     

Loving God,

open my eyes to see the beauty and power

you have created in differently-abled people

whom society sometimes overlooks.

Strengthen my commitment to unconditional love,

so that I reach out to welcome and embrace disabled people,

and empower them to use and

be proud of their unique God-given gifts and talents. 

Let us celebrate your wisdom and creativity,

God of Love; Redeemer of all; Spirit of loving inter-dependence. Amen.


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