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Pastoral Pearls: See All Their Magic

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”  ~ Anonymous

I remember the feeling when I was growing up, when the mother of my best friend told me how bright and creative she thought I was. My mouth fell open, my eyes widened, a warmth crept into my heart – something in me had been noticed as being good and worthy, totally unsolicited. It filled me with hope and a kind of strength I hadn’t expected. Later, when I was a youth minister at a church and had brought a group of young people on a Boundary Waters canoe trip, I will always remember the look in this one young man’s eye after a passing compliment from me. I almost didn’t say it, but the Spirit moved me to compliment the depth of his thoughts which he had shared, and the wisdom I saw there. Later I had cause to ask him to be “in charge” of the group while I had to attend to something else. I watched his eyes widen, his face color, his mouth fall open, his back straighten and a sense of pride and purpose come over him. He ended up being a wonderful leader, who never expected to be called upon in this way.

My experience as a BeFriender and as a Life Coach have given me ample opportunity to see many people who feel like they are struggling, grow and shine when their own strengths and gifts are brought to their attention. I’m sure you all have had the pleasure of experiencing the change in the expression on a person’s face when you have praised the work of a food server or other service worker. Our words can build people up in ways they never expected. Compassion helps me to see another’s magic, and God’s Spirit encourages me to voice what I see for a person’s edification – building God’s kingdom one person, one heart at a time. We all forget our own magic from time to time, making us more understanding of the impact that a reminder can make for someone else. What wonderful motivation!

Caregivers are in the unique position of reminding a loved one who no longer recognizes their worth to the world in the same way, of the magic that is uniquely their own and how it impacts the world around them. God’s Spirit works diligently within the words and actions of caregivers, inspiring them in countless ways how to support and build up the person they are caring for, even when these caregivers don’t think they are doing enough, or don’t think they can find the words. It can be tough going for caregivers, but they are valiant and unceasing in their constant compassion. God is their ever-present cheerleader – “You can do this.”

Loving God,

thank you for reminding me how important it is for me to help others remember their uniquely God-given magic.

Help me to listen to your inspirations to voice what good I see in others, who may find it hard to see their own good.

Please Bless all those Caregivers who remind their loved one of their special magic, even amidst great difficulties.

~ Amen



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