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Pastoral Pearls: Practice the Pause

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

Advent is the perfect time for PAUSE. Advent is a time to PAUSE  and contemplate the coming of Christ into  our hearts anew...

to PAUSE to assess what Jesus being in my world and life really means, and how I show that in the way I live my life…

to PAUSE and look for the myriad twinklings of God’s great love and activity in my life…

to PAUSE, breathe and slow down so I can be present in each wondrous moment…

PAUSE to appreciate each person in my life and the world around me, perhaps in the ways suggested by this quote…

PAUSE to make room for Christ’s incarnation into my life, open to however he may present himself within me, and to be used by him in whatever way he may call me to make this world better.

Loving God,

help me to learn to embrace the PAUSE,

wherein I can meet you and your calling

for how you want me to be,

now in this moment,

and for the people around me.




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