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Pastoral Pearls: Power of a Smile

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

I love this sentiment. Knowing that God calls us above all to “Love one another,” I forget that sometimes the smallest thing can offer the warmest love. I know how I feel when people greet me with a smile – warm, noticed, worthy of a kind gesture, acknowledged. Even if I don’t know the person – or maybe especially if I don’t know them – it makes me remember that today can be a good day; that I can pass this good feeling along; that God is smiling down on me, and all will be well. Wow! That’s a lot of power within a tiny, ordinary gesture. It also brings to mind the old saying, “A smile can turn a frown upside down.” Funny saying; grand accomplishment!

This concept ties in beautifully, too, with the Health and Wellness Ministry Kindness Campaign and Challenge. A smile is something anyone can do, and is a great way to jump start your own experiments in kindness . I remember as a junior high youth, walking around Lake Harriet and smiling at EVERYBODY, and saying “Hi.” It was so fun and funny too. I loved seeing the variety of responses this small smile brought out in people – not all were positive, but all were intriguing. Some were just mystified that I would smile and say hello to them. It can be a fun thing to do.  I wonder what responses you might get from your radiant smile?

Loving God, please form my mouth into a smile,

that travels to my eyes & bubbles from my heart.

May all the love that you are constantly showering upon me

shine out from within me through a smile

and kind hello to those I meet through my day.

May joy be the by-product of this simple gesture of love –

for the recipient as well as for myself.

Thank you for the capacity to love through smiles and kind words. Amen.


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