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Pastoral Pearls: Everything will work again...

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug for a few minutes … including you.” ~ Ann Lamott

 I may be using this quote more for myself than anyone. I have such an over-packed schedule of must-do things in this next month, I may forget to breathe! Truly I love my work and I love my family and the wackiness it all brings, but this kind of chaotic pace needs divine intervention! Good thing we have a gracious, loving God!

Today I read in my “Jesus Calling” devotion (by Sarah Young) this little bit of God’s assurance: in Jesus’ voice… “I know what you need and I promise to provide all of that – abundantly!” Thank God! The cavalry (or should I say, the “Calvary?”) God is good. But like any good thing in life, it requires some work on my part. The devotion goes on to say, “I’m training you to depend upon Me alone,…” and “..Instead of grasping and controlling (well, He’s got me there..), you are learning to release and receive.” Ok. So I need to get out of my own way and ask God to step in and take control, so I can roll with the flow, peacefully and calmly. “Cultivate this receptive stance by trusting Me in every situation.” There it is. The Pearl. The Nutshell. TRUST.  Oh so easy to say, but oh so terribly difficult for me to do, often. I think God gives me these kinds of time so I can realize I am not in control and that I need to turn to Him, to depend upon Him more.

One way I can do that IS to “unplug” for a moment at least… reboot – like my phone needs to do from time to time. Re-focus. Breathe. Get up and walk around for a few moments. Listen to a peaceful song that directs my heart and mind to Go. Read an inspirational blurb. Re-frame my thoughts. Pray an everyday, “in the moment” prayer – Jesus help me. Jesus I trust you to show me the way.

Jesus I Need you. Amen. Hallelujah. Jesus, you brought these missions to me, I trust you to provide me with what I need to do them. Thank you God.

Loving God,

Send you Spirit to me to help me unplug and re-direct my heart and mind toward you.

Thank you for being there when I most need you, whether I see you or not.

Thank you for putting challenging times in my path, to remind me who is in charge, and how to depend on you who are my strength and hope.

May I truly put my Trust in you to provide me with the tools to address my challenges.  



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