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Pastoral Pearls: Common Words

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

Love, Respect, Caring, Honesty, Trust 

Common words, frequently and easily spoken, but sadly, not lived out as often as would be hoped for. It is truly human to intend to act with love in all situations, but ultimately I get caught up in the emotion of the moment, or in the busy-ness of looking to the next thing coming up in my life, and then forget to act the way I had intended to act. I certainly do not want to be lost, boring, unhappy, or unstable. Actually I’ve never thought about how these things might happen when I fail to act with love, in all it’s forms. I guess I could ask myself, before acting or speaking, “How is this respectful, caring, honest, or trusting?” I sure know what it feels like to be treated without these considerations, and I definitely do not like the way it feels! That could be true of everyone, so why wouldn’t I extend to others what I would really prefer, myself? If I just remember to “Do all things with love,” all the others will fall into place.

Loving God, I thank you for always loving me no matter what.

Jesus, thank you for showing through your life

how I can love my neighbors well.

May your Spirit guide me to recognize how

I am respecting, caring for, being honest with, and trusting

those around me, as you taught. 

Give me the wisdom and strength

to live out your love in all of these subtle ways. Amen.


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