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Pastoral Pearls: Bring Hope to Others

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

Amid so much darkness, we need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others. ~  Pope Francis (from 365 Daily Meditations with Pope Francis, March 26)

There it is. It’s not just seeing or feeling the hope and light myself, but it’s about being a person of hope, so that others see that in me. How am I supposed to do that?  I sometimes feel left in the dark about what I could possibly do. I’m just me – nothing special. I barely feel worthy myself, to receive God’s ever-present love – his light and hope. 

When I really reflect on this it is always other people who bring out something in me that allows me to see the light and hope, and to actually see how I might bring that to life for others. It’s hard for me to see my strengths, my wisdom, my insights, my potential, especially when I carry with me so many messages that have formed me to think of myself as “less than.”  But when I receive the gift of somebody else pointing out to me what some of my strengths might be, or the answers to my own problems , hiding right there within me, I begin to see light, hope.

That is what a BeFriender is so good at. And at GA we are blessed to have so many intensely trained people ready and waiting to be able to support and encourage other people – who may be going through a tough time, or facing a tough decision, or may be in emotional turmoil - to see what light and hope God has placed right within themselves in the form of their own strengths, gifts, and insights. Asking for this kind of help is definitely not a sign of weakness, but of strength. It is opening up to the light and hope God is offering me, through caring people of faith.  I am continually blessed by their ability to be present and caring and non-judgmental and to guide even me to new understandings and a sense of light and hope. What might happen if you – or someone you know of - were to visit once or twice with a BeFriender like this, who could help you see the light and hope in whatever darkness you might be temporarily struggling with? Might it not be worth a try? The choice is always yours, at any time within this relationship. Reach out to MaryPat Potts to explore this hope-filled opportunity.

And for many of us in our lives right now, as Pope Francis’ meditation continues, “For today, write down a list of talents you possess. Then ask, How can I use one of these talents to bring hope to someone else? Put your talent to work in the world and become a source of hope.”

Loving God,

guide me to how I might better be able to see your light in the darkness I face daily, and your hope for how change and management of my life is possible, within my own self.

Open my heart to the help you offer me, through wonderfully caring people you place in my path.

Give me courage to ask for this help, and to embrace this as a sign of strength and hope.

~ Amen



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