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Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Every year around this time, I get a little testy with myself as I consider celebrating the holidays. Those who know me will often hear me lament, “Where is Advent? It’s not Christmas yet! Get the jingle bells out of here until their appointed time!” Part of my job here at GA involves coordinating the holiday outreach for the parish which includes our Angel Tree and Sponsor A Family, which obviously means working on gifts before Christmas. So ouch. In my defense, I am not at all a Grinch – I just like experiencing Advent and prefer to wait for Christmas to get here in due time. Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Nope. My husband is a model for me of using things until they wear out and then trying to fix them when they do, so we’re a good pair when it comes to battling consumerism . . . even if sometimes we fail.

This week, I invite you to consider the following words of wisdom I saw recently:

May you content yourself with little.
May you choose a less complicated life.
May we all learn to live small, because large living
is costing the earth – a price paid most dearly
by the littlest lives of all.

Blessings on your Advent . . . Christmas will be here in due time.


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