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Lenten Book Club 2024

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What do demons think about us? What do we think about them? CS Lewis tells us there are two errors when thinking about devils. The first is to disbelieve in their existence. The second is to have an unhealthy interest in them. We have free will and demons cannot  force us to do anything, they can only tempt. Yet, it can be helpful to consider how demons might try  to tempt us.

The Screwtape Letters is a clever book written from the perspective of a demon named Screwtape giving advice to his demon nephew Wormwood on tempting humans. Wormwood has been given charge of tempting a man, referred to as “The Patient”. Reading this book feels as if you are the Patient! The Patient is ordinary - getting hungry while praying and distracted by people’s poor singing at church. In one letter, Screwtape tells his nephew to teach the patient to daydream and romanticize about praying all day - but never let him think to actually pray! The Screwtape Letters feels like stumbling upon Satan’snplaybook on tempting you. What is most brilliant is once you know the play, you can set up a defense.

Join us this Lent in reading this clever, surprisingly humorous, and spiritually deep story.

Tuesdays, February 20, 27 & March 5, 12, 19

7:15 p.m. (after Holy Hour ends)

M10 (across from GA Perks) 

Please provide your own copy.

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