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From Father Joe: The Colors of Mass

Posted by Father Joe Connelly on

Dear Friends,

As we are entering the last days of what we call “Ordinary time” we will be entering into the Advent season. With the change of the Church’s seasons, we also have a change in liturgical colors. You will notice the change into Advent when the Deacon and I will change from green and gold colors into purple.  Each season has a unique color, and each color has a specific meaning. The liturgical colors are

Green - For ordinary time. This represents life, hope, anticipation.

Purple - For Advent, Lent, All Souls and Funerals. This represents penance, sacrifice, anticipation.

Red - For Pentecost and Feast of Martyrs. This represents the fire of the Holy Spirit and the blood shed by the martyrs.

White - For Christmas, Easter, and Saints Days. This represents purity, light, glory, and joy.

Rose - For Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. These are the Sundays halfway though Advent and Lent representing Joy that we are over halfway through these penitential seasons.

Black - Optional Color for Funerals. This represents mourning.

Symbols are an important part of our faith, so as we enter the Advent season let us put away the Green and Gold and don the purple in the vestments and in our hearts.

In Christ,

Fr. Joe Connelly



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