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Finding your compass

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

With another year ending and a new one about to begin, you might be thinking a bit about what this past year brought. Or perhaps what you’d hope for in the year to come. I know I spend time pondering this time of year, so this week, I invite you to spend some quiet time listening  to the promptings of the Spirit. I like to think of the ways that God directs my life as something like a compass rather than a road map. A map shows you every turn and you can tell how long a trip will take. A compass simply tells you which direction you might go and doesn’t give you any detail. Frustrating? Sometimes.

If you’d like some guiding questions to give you a start, try these:

  • What draws you to join us here at Guardian Angels?
  • What are your hopes for our parish in the coming year?
  • How can we be light to a world that can sometimes be a bit too dark?
  • How might you use your gifts in service to our community of faith? 
  • How might you learn something new about the challenges of poverty in our world?

This parish continues to be blessed by many individuals and families who give of themselves in loads of creative ways. If you would like to join in, watch this space or give a call.

Happy New Year!


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