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Deep Communion: We Are All Connected

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Sometimes in this space I share comments or conversations had with parishioners about the justice and outreach work we share here at Guardian Angels. This past week, I had a great dialogue with a newer parishioner about the meaning of the word, “solidarity,” and how that virtue informs what our Church teaches about immigration.

After that conversation, I was thinking about how better to talk about the foundational relationship that we often speak of as the Body of Christ. I settled on the phrase, “deep communion.”  The virtue of solidarity is not some vague notion of pity for those we perceive as “not as fortunate.” It is, in fact, the truth that the Body of Christ of which we all are a part is connected in such a way that we are truly one with the joy and the grief that any part of the Body experiences.

How might our current immigration debate change if we each saw ourselves as being in “deep communion” with someone trying to present themselves for asylum protection at our border? How might our opinions about funding for more affordable housing change if we saw ourselves in “deep communion” with a family who works full-time but yet cannot afford an apartment in our city? This week, I invite you to pray about the virtue of solidarity and how it leads us to deep communion. How might embracing this sense of communion affect what we think about those experiencing injustice?


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