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Amplifying Black Voices: Tevin Williams

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Tevin Williams is a young Black man from Georgia who became a Catholic at Easter in 2019. In his search for a community to share his faith, he found the Catholic Church and is glad he did. Now, he is speaking out in a plea for our church to address America’s original sin of racism.

Williams says:

The United States is at an inflection point. We have deemed our society to be “just,” but we constantly see that there are two systems of justice, one for white people and another for Black people. This reality is not new to American life, but it has too often been ignored in our national conversation, as if the injustice was not important enough to be addressed by white people. Our beloved church has been complicit in the oppression of Black people in this country and should work to address and reconcile its racist past and ongoing participation in racist structures. Pope Francis has acknowledged that George Floyd’s death can be attributed to the “sin of racism,” and while I am thankful for the acknowledgement, it is still not enough. 

Unless we fully understand where we have been and where we stand now, it’s impossible to find a way forward. Our parish will offer an opportunity to do the kind of deep thinking necessary to acknowledge our past and work toward meaningful change. Faith and Racial Healing: Embracing Truth, Justice and Racial Healing is an 8-week small group that will begin in August. Watch for more details.  


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