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Amplifying Black Voices: John Lewis

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

As I write this, we are in the midst of a week-long remembrance of John Lewis. He was a man of deep faith and conviction and these values helped shape the Civil Right Movement. He once said:

I'm deeply concerned that many people today fail to recognize that the movement was built on deep-seated religious convictions, and the movement grew out of a sense of faith - faith in God and faith in one's fellow human beings. From time to time, I make a point, trying to take people back, and especially young people, and those of us not so young, back to the roots of the movement. During those early days, we didn't study the Constitution or the Supreme Court decision of 1954. We studied the great religions of the world. We discussed and debated the teachings of the great teacher. And we would ask questions about what would Jesus do. In preparing for the sit-ins, we felt that message was one of love - the message of love in action: don't hate. 

This week I invite you to reflect on how your own faith helps to shape the public life you lead. How are "the teachings of the great teacher" evident in the choices you make? The words you say? The causes you support?


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