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Amplifying Black Voices: Fr. Josh Johnson

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Fr. Josh Johnson is a Louisiana priest who has been on the forefront of work for racial justice. In a recent article, he shared some tips for how churches can be a part of that work. Our parish racial justice team talked a few weeks back about what we see (and do not see) as we enter the doors of Guardian Angels. Fr. Johnson talks about this, too as he points out that there is a deep significance in the statues and religious images we have in our churches.

He notes that,

"this isn’t about removing or destroying images of ‘white Jesus,’ but rather including more diverse images of Jesus and Mary and Joseph — and also the other members of the body of Christ who are canonized saints in our churches. . .  Fighting the sin of racism in our communities means listening to the struggles of others and helping them feel seen by the words and sacred images we choose to use in our places of worship. If it is true that each and every human is created in the image and likeness of God, then we need to have the humility and courage to step outside our comfort zones . . .

This week, I invite you consider what you see when you come to Guardian Angels. Do the images we choose fully represent the Body of Christ? If you are staying home right now due to COVID, take a look at our website as another way to begin thinking about this question. What do you see there? How does it make you feel? What might be missing? What are your thoughts about that? 

Photo from Father Josh Johnson's Twitter profile


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