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Amplifying Black Voices: Carla Harris

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

When Carla Harris started her career on Wall Street in 1987 there were so few Black managing directors, and so few women, she knew them all by name. Since then, Harris has become a leader in her field and been a champion for equal opportunity in the workplace. Next month, she will receive Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal – widely known as the highest honor a Catholic can receive.

In a recent interview regarding her selection, Harris remarked: 

“I learned on Wall Street that the way you grow your power is to give it away. So, if I get any kind of currency, or any kind of power, the whole point is to spend that in a way somebody else can benefit. I guess it comes from my personal mantra, God gives, I get,and I give. And the circle goes back around again.”

Does Harris’ mantra ring true for you? How might you use a gift you have been given in such a way that someone else will benefit?



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