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A “Thank You” from A Grateful Heart

Posted by Suzanne Bernet on

Many of you know that throughout the year people will stop in to the parish needing some emergency help. Through your generous donations to our emergency assistance fund we have gift cards to local stores that will help them with a tank of gas, a prescription, baby formula and diapers, or perhaps a gift for a child’s birthday.

It’s this last item that broke my heart a little recently and it’s the story I wanted to share. A Dad came in because the food shelf was closed and he was wondering if we could help him with some food for a special dietary need. During our conversation we got around to talking about family and his eyes left my face and dropped to the floor. He said that his youngest son was having a birthday and since he and his wife were both laid off from a local restaurant he was focused only on the essentials. As I gave him the grocery gift card, I asked if he could use some help with a gift for his son. He said no, he wouldn’t want to take money that someone else would need for food or gas. “Times are hard for a lot of us right now and I only ask for what I really need.” I assured him that a birthday gift sounded like an essential to me and asked him what his son’s favorite thing might be. “Legos,” he said. “The kid is nuts about them.” As it happened, a parishioner had recently dropped off a box of Legos in the Giving Center and they had not yet found a home so I found a gift bag and some tissue paper and brought the gift out to him.

Through the years, I’ve learned that things like this just happen  sometimes – when the need of one person and the generosity of another just find each other. Thank you to all who help make that happen here at Guardian Angels.  

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