About Little Angels Christian Preschool

    Who We Are:

    Little Angels Christian Preschool is an early childhood education program for children from 3 to 5 years old. We offer learning opportunities that focus on the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child. our program is based on christian values that are shared in a warm and welcoming environment. We belong to the Guardian Angels faith community, but we welcome families of all denominations and cultures.

    What Sets Us Apart:

    Our class offerings range from a 2 and a half hour experience for our youngest students to a 5 hour experience for older students.  We offer Extended Day hours before and after school.

    Our smaller, family-friendly environment fosters a true sense of community in which our teachers truly care about students and parents.

    Our unique Go Green program engages children in their environment with hands-on experiences including: digging in the Guardian Angels community food shelf garden, creating recycled art, composting and more.

    We are surrounded by beautiful nature trails and walking paths.

    Our weekly Spanish classes teach children beginning Spanish language skills through play and song.


    We understand that children learn through play and exploration. Our daily lessons focus on language and literacy, early math basics, social development, personal skills, independent decisions making, and creativity while engaging the senses through physical exploration in bright and cheery classrooms. Our curriculum plan is based on comprehensive studies developed by the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC), which provides the foundation for children to:

    Become avid readers
    Enjoy solving math problems
    Speak and write well
    Be creative
    Make decisions independently
    Develop physical coordination
    Begin good study skills
    Get along well with others
    Feel self-confident
    Enjoy learning in a structured and happy setting
    Prepare for kindergarten and beyond

    Christian Philosophy

    LACP belongs to the Guardian Angels faith community, but we welcome families of all denominations and cultures. Christian beliefs are introduced and integrated in our preschool by helping our young students to:

    Learn about God's love
    Realize how special each one of us is
    Understand that Jesus is God's son
    Recognize God's gifts in our families and world
    Develop community, respect, compassion and cooperation
    Celebrate the spiritual meanings of holidays
    Learn about bible stories and daily devotionals
    Pray, sing about, and celebrate our faith

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