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Pastoral Pearls: the Hands of God

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

"The Hands of God are so often found at the ends of our very own arms.” 

~ Sr. Monica Joan, from the television series “Call the Midwives”

I love this series (found on Netflix). If you haven’t seen it, Sr. Monica Joan is the elderly Nun who is having some memory issues. But at times she says the most profound pearls of wisdom, and can act in the most perceptive, empathetic, and compassionate manner. I find her to be extremely intriguing and somewhat challenging to me. 

Like in this pearl of wisdom – what a fun and visual way to describe our own baptismal call to be Christ to one another.  It is quite convicting for me, too, in that all too often I find at least my inner voice responding to a perceived need in someone around me with these words – “someone should really help that person, or speak up for that person, or why isn’t anyone doing something for that person?” It often takes me far too long to realize that I am someone. I can help. I must help. When I (and others) stand back and wait for someone else to step up, too often that person never gets the help they need, because everyone thinks someone else is doing it. 

I have to remember that my hands are God’s hands, meant to do whatever I think Jesus might do in that situation, knowing that God will guide and help me to act in love in his name. Jesus left this work in our hands, my hands, not just someone else’s hands. So now when I look down at my hands, at the ends of my arms, I remember Sr. Monica Joan’s words, and see God’s hands. Then I can ask myself, what would you, my loving God, like for me to do with these ‘God-hands’ of mine today, right now, to show your great love?

Loving God, I am amazed at all the unique and ordinary ways you manage to speak to me, even through television or books.

Please keep my ears and heart open to hear your guidance wherever it may come from.

May my hands always do your work.

May I take responsibility for my neighbors who may have need of your love to be shown to them in trying times – even if it is as small as helping someone to carry something that they may be struggling to carry.

Inspire me in how best to use these ‘God-hands’ at the ends of my arms, to show love to those around me.

~ Amen



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