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Pastoral Pearls: Simplify your life

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

The first week in August, I discovered, is National “Simplify Your Life Week.” Wow! What a concept! I really need that! I heard that simplifying life before going into the Fall can really set the stage for less stress, more balance. So beyond decluttering my physical space – at home and at work – which I really could use, I feel the need to de-clutter the way I live.

I’m pretty sure that as a Christian my first – and most powerful – step toward this would be to spend some regular quality time with God, who can guide me on how to simplify the way I live. For me, much would be simplified if I quit trying to control everything (and everyone?) in my life. I can put some boundaries around my time, prioritize things to be done according to my values and what Jesus teaches me about living a Spirit-filled life. I can try my best to follow in Christ’s footsteps, letting God lead me down the best path for me, rather than trying to be so independent and always do things my way, feeling like I need to figure everything out for myself.

What would happen if I focused my energy on simple kindnesses for others. I could be encouraging and affirming to others, remembering to smile and compliment. Good start! That does simplify things. Maybe when I avoid taking on other people’s problems, and look to my own interior life, life will become simpler – not easier, but simpler.

I’ve heard said that most people have trouble saying “No” to things, even while complaining about being too busy. Busted! Maybe I need to practice saying “No” to simplify my life, striving for balance. I can also work at focusing more on how to be in the present moment, rather than stewing about the past or worrying about the possible future. I can pay attention to and be grateful for all the wondrous things God blesses me with, all the time. That surely brings peace and joy – much simpler than worry and fear.

What can you think of doing to simplify your life?  It’s worth pondering – and hopefully acting upon.

Loving God, Show me what to de-clutter from my life

and what to add that would simplify my life,

and make it more meaningful and loving.

Help me find contentment by being more

and more grateful for what I  do have and can do,

rather than dwelling on what I don’t have or cannot do.

Help me to prioritize kindness and loving care in my life.

Help me to see where and how I can spend more quality time with you,

and listen for your guidance in my life. Amen 


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