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Pastoral Pearls: The kindest people ...

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

The kindest people are not born that way, they are made. They are the sounds that have experienced so much at the hands of life, they are the ones who have dug themselves out of the dark, who have fought to turn every loss into a lesson. The kindest people do not just exist – they choose to soften where circumstance has tried to harden them, they choose to believe in goodness, because they have seen firsthand why compassion is so necessary. They have seen firsthand why tenderness is so important in this world. ~Bianca Sparacino

Sometimes it’s just easier for me to think that kind people must have had easier lives, and so can more easily have a sunny disposition. Well, this quote sets me straight, I guess! Some of the most compassionate people- the people who may notice when another person needs a little more TLC; who reach out to comfort; who offer kind words or something a little special to brighten someone’s day – they are often the people who understand because they’ve been through a lot themselves. They smile freely, because just such a smile changed their day many times; they speak kindly because they may know both the pain of biting words as well as the magic of a kind word just at the right time, even if the speaker couldn’t have known  the pain that person had been in before they offered their kind words; they may do small acts of kindness knowing what just such actions did for them when they were down.  So when I feel like being kind is just too much work, because I’m busy wallowing in my own poor-mes, I  can remember this quote about the kindest people, and use my own sufferings as fuel for reaching out in kindness to others.  

Loving God, please give me the strength and courage to use

any pain or hardship or suffering that I’ve been through as motivation

to reach out to others and extend small kindesses – in words, or attitudes, or actions. 

And, with your help, may I never presume to know

what another person’s life is like and use it as an excuse

for comparing and judging or choosing not to reach out in kindness.

Thank you for your constant love, for understanding me

because of your own suffering and death.

Holy Spirit, remind me that we are all connected through our suffering,

as everyone suffers in their own way, and let my understanding

make it easier for me to act always with kindness,

never really knowing the impact of my kindness, Amen.



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