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Pastoral Pearls: Stronger than I think

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

Perhaps I am stronger than I think. ~ Thomas Merton

It is inevitable that times will get tough – sometime. It is inevitable that I will not always agree with the reality facing me. It is inevitable that I will want to be in the driver’s seat, taking control, making all the decisions that impact me. It is inevitable, too, that there will be times when I am not in control. That is when I have to decide how I will respond. There are many options – scream in anger, complain, go with the flow, try to change things so I can be in control, fight, flee, hide, maybe pretend it doesn’t exist or matter. One response to trying – even maddening times – is to lean into it, and trust God to somehow make sense of things. Since I cannot change circumstances, my prayer is that God’s Spirit fills me with strength and peace, at the same time. Trusting God is doing what I can or speaking my truth, and then letting go of the outcome – because it is in God’s infinitely more capable hands. I know – easier said than done. So leaning into the tough times and all the feelings they may bring allows me to ask God to help me trust him and let him do what only he can do. Wow! That’s a tall order! But – perhaps I am stronger than I think. 

Loving God, please help me through the tough times I face.

May I feel your presence and strength,

so I can do what is mine to do,

know that I am ultimately not in control,

and let go of what is not mine to do,

leaving space for you to work your magic.

Help me to be stronger than I think. Amen.


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