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Pastoral Pearls: Bend, don't break...

Posted by MaryPat Potts on

I will never give you more than you can take… I will let you bend, but I  will never let you break…

The reminder in this quote just makes me go “ahhhhhh” – sigh.               

How incredibly comforting to me. I do get in that tizzy when I feel like everything is just going to break apart, because I can’t possibly handle all that is on my plate! How about you? Then I question my ability, my power, my strength and it always seem to fall short in my own eyes. Good thing God’s eyes see things differently. In this quote he is telling me that I CAN HANDLE IT – whatever comes my way – even when I don’t think I can.

I must not like the feeling of bending. It feels too much like feeling powerless, out of control, worried, anxious and fearful. If I live in that place of doubt, or fear of breaking, I am not living in faith. I seem to forget that it’s not all about me, it’s not all up to me, and it’s not for me to tackle alone. Whatever is beyond me, God’s got under control. The strength and power needed for bending as I work through what shows up in my life, comes only from God, not me. When I think that I am in control, the joke’s on me - really it is God who is in control, working with and through me. That is what keeps me from breaking – faith that God is with me in all of life’s challenges, using all his power to make things come out right.

Loving God, thanks for having my back!

When I get uptight about bending,

when it all feels like it’s going to break me,

please tickle my heart with a reminder

that you are with me.

You’ve got my back, and I praise you

for your power and strength that carries me

through the bending, and away from the breaking. 

May your Spirit fill my heart with the powerful mantra

“I can handle it – with God.”  Amen.


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