Fr. Rodger Bauman


Office: 651-789-3188

Denny Farrell


Office: 651-789-3169

Sara Fleetham

Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator

Office: 651-789-3179

Paul Deziel

Youth Minister

Office: 651-789-3173

Deborah McMahon

Early Childhood Faith Formation Coordinator

Office: 651-789-3174

Michael Strande

Director of Liturgy

Office: 651-789-3162

Roger Stratton

Director of Music

Office: 651-789-3187

Deacon Mick Humbert


Office: 651-366-0758

S. Dianne Perry, SSND

Pastoral Care Minister

Office: 651-789-3178

Suzanne Bernet

Justice and Outreach Coordinator

Office: 651-789-3181

Mike Fouts

Coordinator for Hope for the Journey Home Shelter

Office: 651-503-3380

Carla McGough

Communications Coordinator

Office: 651-789-3167
Facebook: GuardianAngelsOakdale
Twitter: @GuardianAngelsC

Heidi Tousignant

Administration and Technology Specialist

Office: 651-789-3168

Cindy Sutton

Administrative Assistant

Office: 651-789-3165

Margie Kangas

Finance and Human Resources

Office: 651-789-3190

Linda Cummings

Office Assistant

Office: 651-789-3182

Nance Lyons

Director of Little Angels Preschool

Office: 651-730-7450

Debra Hayes

Little Angels Preschool Teacher

Office: 651-789-3177

Darlene Regan

Little Angels Preschool Teacher

Office: 651-789-3176

Melissa Huffer

Little Angels Preschool Teacher

Office: 651-789-3175

Jason Kustritz


Office: 651-789-3186

Rhonda Thomsen


Office: 651-789-3186

Tom Specht


Office: 651-789-3186

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